Celebration's Rugs

All rugs are original designs except where stated otherwise.

Six of my rugs have been featured in "Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs" magazine.

Celebration's Rugs

The rug "Geese in Flight" was featured in Celebration XXIV". The size of the rug is 28" x 53", #3-cut wool on the burlap. I fell in love with the pattern "Geese in Flight" which was created by Danish-born Canadian artist Thor Hansen. I admire the work of the Canadian artists "Group of Seven" and this pattern reminded me of their work.

The rug "Flock of Butterflies" was featured in "Celebration XXV". I designed this rug using the names of butterflies: Gladiator, Tiger Swallowtail, Red Admiral, Atlas Moth, Sericinus Montella, Pearly Malachite, Morpho Anaxibia, Eighty- Eight, and one imaginary. The size of the rug is 31" x 31", #3-cut hand-dyed wool on burlap.

The rug "Ancient Egypt" was featured in "Celebration 27". The size of the rug is 38" x 54", #3-cut hand-dyed wool on rug warp. I have wanted to create an Egyptian rug for at least 5 years. I have been to Egypt and studied Egyptian history. The theme of my rug is Ancient Egyptian women and their gods. In the center of the rug, you can see my version of the tomb painting of Nakht, who was an astronomer, scribe, and priest at the time of the reign of Thutmose IV, during the Eighteenth Dynasty, 1397-1387 BC. Every village, city, or region had its own gods and sacred animals. The same god could have several different names and images. The ancient Egyptians believed in the existence of an afterlife. That is why I put the gods that were the most important for every ancient Egyptian: Horus, Osiris, Mut, Hathor, Wadjet, Nekhbet., Anubis, Serket, and Seker.

The rug "Four Seasons" is featured in "Celebration 28". The size of the rug is 32" x 32", #3-cut hand-dyed wool on linen. The rug depicts four seasons: Baltimore Orioles in the summer, woodpeckers on the birches in the fall under the rain, chickadees in the winter, and yellow finches in spring. The motifs on the rug are hooked higher than the background and then each top is clipped to create a relief effect. The size of the rug is 32" x 32", #3-cut hand-dyed wool on linen.

The rug” Baktyar Dozar” is featured in “Celebration 31”. The pattern by Jane McGown Flynn. The size of the rug is 26” x 42.5”., #3-cut hand-dyed wool on linen. I have made rugs in almost all styles. On that day it was time for an Oriental rug. I decided to use light colors on the borders. I always wanted to make an Oriental rug using dip-dyed wool. I developed a special technique for hooking dip-dyed wool strips. First, I hooked the dark end to the light end of the strip. Next, I took the light end of the second strip and hooked it to the dark end. You continue to repeat again: dark to light, light to dark. The advantage of this technique is that the borders look like waves and you can use shorter strips.

The rug "Black and White" is featured in "Celebration 32".The size of the rug is 31.5" x 31.5", #3-cut hand-dyed wool on linen. For motifs, I used my technique of hooking straight lines. In order to make the lines straight, I first hooked the lines in the usual way, and then I shaped the last line with scissors. The scissors must be sharp and should be held vertically. I only cut those loops that are not right on the straight line. This technique works best for cut #3.