I made my first poncho over 20 years ago for my daughter. She was in a school theatre production playing a witch. I painted geometric shapes on the burlap - squares, triangles, and ovals. The witch was really modern and it took some effort to convince my daughter to put it on. Since then I have had many ideas for different ponchos that I could hook. I design ponchos as fashion items or accessories. They have a simple shape and are made from a wide weave material which makes it easy to hook. It is also a good background for simple flowers and geometric design. They are designed to look fashionable and provide warmth and comfort, rather than to ward off wind and rain. I have made ponchos with festive designs that can be worn at special events. Their motifs are done using the rug hooking technique. The material of the poncho is stretched onto a hoop and the yarn or strips of wool are pulled through using a tool that resembles a crochet hook inserted into a wooden handle. The compacted loops of wool remain in place without knots or stitching. The borders of some ponchos are finished using chain stitches. One of the ponchos is embellished with glass beads. More information about how to hook a poncho can be found in my article "Pretty Practical Ponchos" published in "Rug Hooking" magazine in the issue of September/October 2018.